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Easter 2024 - Intensive Exam Revision Courses

During the upcoming Easter Break, the last holiday period before the GCSE Exams commence, we will be running in-person intensive revision courses from our centres in Leeds and Newcastle. Some feedback from our courses last year is shown in the video on the right.


There will be 4-hour GCSE courses in English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics at each location. The courses will cover content tested in the first set of exams in each subject, which will be sat before the next half term. We will then be running courses during the half-term which will focus on the content tested in the next set of exams.


The hourly rate for each course is £27.50 per hour. There is space for a maximum of 4 students on each course.


To book courses in Newcastle, CLICK HERE:


To book courses in Leeds, CLICK HERE